Founder CEO | Sang-Ku Yoo

My favorite words are ‘mother’ and ‘nature.’
I cannot recall the word ‘mother’ without tears, and the same goes for ‘nature.’ We often say Mother Nature as a personification of nature; as such, nature is a familiar and important concept to us. What, then, is the nature of nature and what does it mean to be natural? The more we attempt to categorize and define nature, the farther away we may be from the essence of it, because nature – in oriental terms – means ‘being itself.’

Accepting nature as it is ought to be the best way to understand nature. Yet, as we live in the land of this Mother Earth, it may also be wise to understand the laws of nature and utilize these laws in life, via science. What I believe is important within this scientific process is that nature and its properties should be viewed and interpreted holistically, not as a simple collection of segments, because nature is itself present, as a whole.

In recent years, the novel technologies around us tend to categorize, divide, and attempt to resolve nature’s problem in a segmented way. Thus, I founded Glaceum based on the philosophy of Zhuang Zhou: “The duck’s legs are short, but to stretch them out would worry him; the crane’s legs are long, but to cut them down would make him sad. What is long by nature needs no cutting off; what is short by nature needs no stretching.”

Glaceum aspires to practice its founding philosophy and develop novel drugs that have a holistic and natural approach to solve the various problems in health and medicine. I hope this approach succeeds to deliver benefits to the natural health of modern humankind.

Glaceum CEO | Sang-Ku Yoo